Zarabanda – Maestro Alvaro Narias, Alejandro Marias and Ramiro Morales

The Embassy of Spain in association with Prakriti Foundation were delighted to present ‘Zarabanda‘, a trio comprising of Maestro Alvaro Marias (Recorder and Traverso), Alejandro Marias (Viola) and Ramiro Morales (Guitar).
Date & Time: 11th April at 7 pm
Venue: The Folly, Amethyst Cafe


Zarabanda was formed in 1985 by Alvaro Marías, who brought together a group of musicians with extensive experience in baroque chamber music.

Zarabanda’s goal is, by studying directly period sources as well as musicology, to interpret as faithfully as possible the style and spirit of the music they play, with the belief that only by interpreting the music in an historic perspective a real performance can be achieved. The use of original instruments and reliable copies of antique instruments, their knowledge of music and music theory, together with the groups stylistic criteria, form the foundation of this group which strives toward an authentic interpretation of ancient music.

Zarabanda’s repertoire ranges from renaissance music up to classical. The size of Zarabanda varies according to the type of music to be interpreted and the group frequently performs with guest artists. Prestigious singers and soloists that have performed with this group include Teresa Berganza, James Bowman, Charles Brett, Paul Esswood, Michael Chance, Jennifer Smith and the Amaryllis Consort.


Zarabanda in Chennai


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