HAKANAI – Linking performing arts and digital arts

Prakriti Foundation in association with Alliance Française of Madras will host a digital dance performance – HAKANAÏ by Adrien M & Claire B; in the framework of Bonjour India. Linking digital and performing arts, this 40-minute solo performance will showcase what art and technology can do when they work hand-in-hand.

Date & Time | January 28th (Sunday), 7.30 p.m

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Venue | Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall

About the Event 

Hakanaï is a solo choreographic performance that unfolds through a series of images in motion. In Japanese, Hakanaï denotes that which is temporary and fragile, evanescent and transient, and in this case, something set between dreams and reality. The dancer gives life to a space somewhere between the borders of imagination and reality, through interactions with the images encountered. The images are on-stage animations that move in physical patterns according to the rhythm of the live sounds that is followed. The performance’s outcome is the revelation of a digital installation to its audience.

For the first time, Indian dancer Priyabrata Panigrahi has been trained by French dancer Virginie Barjonet to interpret this choreography. The training session, from May to November 2017, will transmit the capacity to interact with a digitally created environment and showcase this innovative performance.

About Adrien M & Claire B

The Adrien M & Claire B Company is acting in the fields of the digital arts and performing arts. The projects are directed by Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot. They create many forms of art, from stage performances to exhibitions combining real and virtual worlds with IT tools that were developed and customized specifically for them. They place the human body at the heart of technological and artistic challenges and adapt today’s techno- logical tools to create a timeless poetry through a visual language based on playing and enjoyment, which breeds imagination.

About Priyabrat Panigrahi

Priyabrat Panigrahi is a trained contemporary dancer, choreographer and performing artist from Bangalore, INDIA.He formally started his dance training in year 2011, with the diploma in movement arts and mix media course, at the Attakkalri Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore. He has got intensive training in Kalary Payat, Bharattnatyam, Contemporary dance, Ballet, Pilatez, Flying low and Light design.

He then decided to pursue his training further and got admission in to P.A.R.T.S contemporary dance school in Brussels in 2013. During its training at P.A.R.T.S. he created a solo, “Who are you?” and a duet performed with live piano musician, “Stopping Motion” which helped him explore his capabilities as a choreographer.

He also learnt and performed Rosas repertory work DRUMMING choreographed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Artistic Director of Rosas). He was part of a project with Belgian choreographer Cindy van Acker. This was performed at Dansan festival which was held in Ostend.

About Alliance Francaise of Madras

As a French language training institution and a cultural centre, the Alliance Française of Madras is proud to promote cultural relations between India and France in Tamil Nadu. Present in Madras for more than 60 years, the Alliance aims to embody a spirit of friendship without constraints, an international movement to the service of promoting French language and culture as well as an intercultural dialogue.

About Bonjour India

The third edition of Bonjour India 2017-18 is a four-month-long mega voyage across India that will celebrate Indo-French partnership as well as shape the next decade of human exchange between the two countries. From November 2017 to February 2018, Bonjour India covers 100 projects in 33 cities across 20 states & union territories. Bonjour India provides a platform for enduring partnerships across the themes of Smart Citizen, High Mobility, Go Green. Bonjour India is unprecedented given the ambitious scale of its partnership with India. People at the forefront of their fields will share their inspiring journeys as they change society through their innovation and creativity. At events collaboratively organised across cities and disciplines, amid performances, debates, seminars and exhibitions, all audiences will find something that captures their imagination.With Bonjour India 2017-18, India and France will come together to create, innovate and partner towards a progressive and sustainable future


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