Book Launch | Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods by Tishani Doshi

Prakriti Foundation in association with Alliance Francaise of Madras launched of the book Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods written by Tishani Doshi on 30th November.

About Tishani Doshi
Tishani Doshi is the author of six books of fiction and poetry. At the age of twenty-six, an encounter with the choreographer Chandralekha led her to an unexpected career in dance. In 2006, her first book of poems, Countries of the Body, won the Forward Poetry Prize for best first collection in the UK. She is also the recipient of an Eric Gregory Award for poetry and winner of the All-India Poetry Competition. Her first novel, The Pleasure Seekers, was published to critical acclaim in 2010 and has been translated into several languages. Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods, is her third full length collection.

About TM Krishna
Thodur Madabusi Krishna, who describes himself, quite simply, as ‘a singer’, is one of the pre-eminent vocalists in the rigorous Carnatic tradition of India’s classical music. His tutelage is in this form that originated in the southern peninsula of the sub-continent nearly five hundred years ago. His training has placed him in the highest reaches of that time-honored system. He has, at the same time, come to occupy a markedly distinct place in the Carnatic universe.

About the book
In Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods, Tishani Doshi combines artistic elegance with a visceral power to create a breath-taking panorama of danger, memory, beauty and the strange geographies of happiness. This is essential, immediate, urgent work and Doshi is that rare thing, an unashamed visionary who knows that, ‘while you and I go on with life/ remembering and forgetting,/the poets remain: singing, singing’.

About Poetry with Prakriti
‘Poetry with Prakriti’ began in 2007, as a ten-day annual festival. The aim was to get poets from varied backgrounds to read and share their poetry in various languages at different locations across the city. What makes the Poetry with Prakriti unique, is that readings are held in diverse places bringing poetry closer to the public. Some of the poets who have been featured in the past include Alvin Pang, Geralyn Pinto, Bishnu Mohapatra etc. We are delighted to announce that Poetry with Prakriti has become a monthly series since August 2017. Various poetry events and performances are being conducted in different venues every month.


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Photo Credits: Carlo Pizzati

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