Aseng Borang

Born in Arunachal Pradesh, Aseng Borang has trained as a dancer and a performer in contemporary techniques for the past seven years and currently finished eight months with Odissi and also has exposure to Chhau. As a choreographer, her interest lies in pursuit to understand what dance and performance should be in the current times, challenging the idea of space, spectatorship and also using other disciplines.  She has performed at Raahigiri Day, World Earth day, One million rising , and The Crimson Lie, a musical by Blank Delhi Productions, Parallel Conversations 2015, Contemporary Arts Week 2015, Old World Theatre Festival 2017 and AMSOE 2017 and many others . She also took part in the Dance Laboratory 2017 by Gati Dance Forum, and was an Artist-in-Resident of the same in 2017. She has also worked with Vikram Mohan, on his piece ,”After Death” which got nominated for the META awards 2016 in eight categories including Choreography, Direction , Costume, Light Design etc. Recently, she has made attempts to investigate and explore physical theatre, performing the character ‘Puck’, in Atul Kumar’s play adapted from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her most recent work (For What it Reveals and For What it Withdraws) deals with the spectrum of perspective using installation and performance.

PECDA (2018) – Performance: Tangko – performed by Aseng Borang

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